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  1. Which chart type to choose?

    how they perform. Choose between line or area to highlight your data, or create a stacked area chart to display composition and a detailed trend. Change colors … , and statuses to identify all open, overdue actions, and to see individual performance.           charts faq
  2. Why does the "Total" function give an incorrect result?

    You can find a report with an example and explanation here: faq
  3. 13: Permission denied in nginx log files when connecting to service as proxy

    or change labels. Related issues nginx proxy selinux kb-troubleshooting-article
  4. How to set up slow query logging for debugging of mysql configuration issues

    articles appear here based on the labels you select. Click to edit the macro and add or change labels. Related issues   mysql database kb-troubleshooting-article
  5. HansaWorld file header description

    describes how should interpret the file and it's contents The positions and numbers of the second row describe the following: The date sequence … header export hansaworld faq
  6. How to filter Time dimension members - last 3years, time until today?

    and today 1 week ago and 3 months from now beginning of last month and first day of current month More examples Please see more examples of how to specify dynamic date in Chronic library (which is used by description. time reports faq
  7. How to Select Members (specific time, object, person) using Bookmarks?

    members used in you formulae and your calculated member will work correctly. bookmark.png   faq bookmark reports
  8. How to setup Gauge charts?

    . Before creating charts, learn how to create reports. See Sample Report using Gauge charts In our … faq gauge charts
  9. Where can I find my payment receipts?

    Subscription payment receipts can be viewed by an account owner and system admins of the account. If subscription is active, subscription receipts can be found: Review subscription -> view payment history -> View receipt subscription administration faq
  10. REST API - "the request is too large to parse"?

    of the data and you will still have data on the register from source files.  Changing request limit For Enterprise users REST API request limit can be changed in eazybi.toml by adding the following parameter in the [general] section: rest_api_request_size_limit = 12000 faq hansaworld-rest hansaworld