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  1. Why is my Enterprise Server slow and/or unresponsive?

    to go about Setting up server entropy using Haveged.     kb-how-to-article faq enterprise-faq … There are a few possible reasons as to why your enterprise server could be having speed issues. Not enough RAM has been designated for
  2. Troubleshooting section

    If you are encountering problems with import or system performance, you can examine the .log files. enterprise-faq
  3. Can't acquire lock for Account

    that it is identical to the value in the "locked_at" column  This should unlock the account. enterprise-faq
  4. Deleting data in SQL database

    prompt that calls for the deletion of the source files where the account_id is equal to the account_id for your account. enterprise-faq
  5. How to configure secure HTTPs with nginx

    on the labels you select. Click to edit the macro and add or change labels. Related issues nginx https security kb-how-to-article … There is a big variety of ways how to configure nginx web server in regards to SSL ciphers, headers and other features. This is our recommended way to reach
  6. How does HansaWorld OAuth authentication works?

    restapi rest hansaworld hansaworld-rest kb-how-to-article … When using HansaWorld REST API 2.0 a user authentication mechanism OAuth is used. This article describes what is the order of actions and setup steps
  7. What is a HansaWorld Data Cube in

    currency your system is using and gives directions how to calculate measures in Currency, Base currency and Base currency 1. code : BaseCurBlock Main data … Essential to create any data cube  Base currency setting  code : BaseCurBlock  Defines what currency your system is using and gives directions how
  8. What properties and measures are available for HansaWorld cubes?

    Open amount Open base amount Open quantity Stock (Shared) Record In stock Stock on order faq reports
  9. How to choose KPIs for analysing

    that the business idea works, whereas as an enterprise company you would focus on metrics like customer loyalty and retention. Or, you can examine this question … digging into the data and start some data modelling. A good question to ask at this point is: How does the business currently make decisions? For this you
  10. How to build a dashboard?

    dashboards you have scheduled to be sent during half an hour time span. Please select week days or days of month to set how often you would like to receive emails … are Enterprise (Private Server) user and you don't see this option, contact administrator to install PhantomJS. Screen Shot 2017-03-29