Account setup guide

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To setup your account you have follow these steps:

1. Setup your data connections

With you can connect to your HansaWorld Standard ERP system, as well as import data from other systems that have open REST API connection or SQL database. You can also upload XLS, CSV files or use Google Spreadsheets integration to add values that are outside of any system. JIRA application will allow you to analyse your issues and tasks. allows you to build your own data cubes from any of those sources as well. Before you start, we suggest you to read about Basic concepts of

2. See our report template library and build your first report.

When you have your data imported and application set up, you can start working with reports. You can use our Report Templates Library and import ready-to-use reports in your account. You can find more information about available templates and manuals how to set up a report in Report Templates Library section.

Learn how to  Create your own reports and modify our templates

3. Publish reports, dashboards and wallboards to your team

For each type of data you have to decide what will be the best way to communicate it to your decision makers in all company levels. For those who who will work with reports on daily basis Dashboards will be the best way - as they can use Drill into & Drill Across functionality to see related data. For occasional users you can setup Dashboards in email - to receive collection of reports with actual results as PDF. Different User rights can be specified per each person (email). Using Wallboards and Embed reports functionality, you can communicate results to team members who are not working with systems, but who need to know about company progress.

If you have any questions, please, write to us at and we will suggest you the best way for each situation.

Happy analysing! Team