Can't acquire lock for Account

This issue is caused by restarting a private instance while an important task is happening, such as a data import. To resolve this issue you will have to manually remove the lock by following these steps:

  1. Download Sequel Pro or a similar program and connect to the database of your private instance.
  2. Once connected you need to connect to the eazybi_private database
  3. Select the contents tab and then select the "accounts" table
  4. Scroll the page all the way to the right until you find the "lock", "locked_at" and "lock_released_at" columns.

    In the column "lock" the fields that contain a value that isn't NULL are locked. To unlock them you need to 
    1. Change the "lock" column value to null.
    2. Change the "lock_released_at" column value so that it is identical to the value in the "locked_at" column 

This should unlock the account.