Deleting data in SQL database

Be careful !

Changes made to SQL data structure are irreversible.
Deleting or altering the wrong data will damage your database data and will cause serious errors.

To delete data/data files from your SQL database you need to first download an application that allows you to establish a connection to your database through which you can then make changes to the tables and data located in those databases. This is example is demonstrated while using SequelPro, but any other similar programs function by the same methods.

  1. Download SequelPro from the following link - - and install it.
  2. Open SequelPro and establish a connection to your database by creating a new connection.
  3. Select your connection method - Standard, Socket or SSH and fill in the fields required to connect to your database. Consult your IT specialist or support for the required connection information.
  4. Once connection has been established you should be able to select a database to display. For this task you will require to select flexbi_private.
  5. Once you have selected the database you will see all the tables that database has saved. Search on click on the source_files table.
  6. Once the source_files folder has been clicked on find and select the content tab or any equivalent of that tab in different program. We are trying to display the information that the table contains.
  7. You should now see data rows and columns that are located within that table with the data they contain.
  8. Find out the account number of the account whose source files you are trying to remove. It can be located in the URL.

    For the example given the account number is 44.
  9. Now return to the source_files table data and search for the column called account_id. The rows with account_id that matches the account number you found in the accounts URL are the source files that account contains. Now you can manually delete all the source files associated with that account number.
  10. Once you have removed the required rows from the table, you need to also remove the files from your data/source_files folder. The files will be stored in a directory whose name matches the account_id of the account you want to remove the files from.

It is also possible to delete these files through SQL code, all you have to do is enter SQL code in your SQL command prompt that calls for the deletion of the source files where the account_id is equal to the account_id for your account.