Finance Consolidation

To create a consolidation account you must first make sure you have the BUSINESS plan enabled on your account. If you don't have BUSINESS plan, you can upgrade your subscription plan or contact support for more information.


Note that this type of consolidation is available only if you have the same account plan in HansaWorld Nominal Leader module for all companies you are planning to consolidate.

Application setup for consolidation

Application setup for consolidation

with REST API connection

You can select to import from both Rest API and Source files, if there are data you want to import also from files.

with Source Files

  1. Upload CompaniesBlock register

    Before you can set up consolidation, you have to upload CompaniesBlock register in Source Files tab.

  2. Update HansaWorld application

    Edit the existing HansaWorld application or create new HansaWorld application.


  3. Add consolidation

    Select consolidation parameter in Financials section

    You cannot select REST API for company import, if you haven't selected REST api in previous step.

  4. Export and upload all the required registers

    Export all the registers from HansaWorld needed for the Financials cube (The TRVc register will require special attention described below).

The TRVc register must be exported for each company that you would like to consolidate. That means you must log into an account associated with the company you want to consolidate in HansaWorld and perform the TRVc register export. When you are saving the register make sure to name it accordingly - "*company_number*_*register_name*.txt" examples:





where 1 and 2 is the company number.

You must make sure the company code is at the beginning of the file and the number is the same as the company code you wish to import the data for. Make sure the number is separated from the register name by an underscore symbol "_".

When you have all of the required registers you can then upload them into the source files and import them. If everything is done correctly you should be able to see the Companies dimension in the Financials cube. If everything has been done correctly then the end result should look similar to this: