Flex.bi Enterprise

Enterprise is your private server installation that can be hosted in a cloud or on premise and can be customized for your special needs: new data source integrations, specific business processes or data structures.

Server Requirements


  • flex.bi Enterprise installation that is supported on Mac OS X, Linux and Windows.
  • Java SE 7 or Java SE 8 should be installed.
  • MySQL (version 5.x), PostgreSQL (version 9.x), MS SQL (version 2008 or later) and Oracle (version 11g or later) are supported as a private flex.bi database.


It is important to have enough RAM on the server to cater for the needs both of flex.bi server (the java process) as well as MySQL or other SQL caching needs. For larger setups minimal suggested would be 2GB RAM for the java process and 4GB for the MySQL process.
To leverage the feature of parallel import threads to improve import speeds it is important to have as fast as possible and as multiple CPU cores. For larger installations we are suggesting AWS configuration c4.2xlarge with 8 CPU cores that allows to safely import data with 5 or 6 import threads in parallel.

For hard drive we suggest to use SSD or similar speed setups with the size enough to cater for the data files that will be uploaded and multiplied for the SQL database.

It is not recommended to run HansaWorld Standard ERP server on the same Instance