How to use drill functionality in reports (Drill into, Drill through, Drill across)?

To see the related data for the report, it is possible to use Drill functionality. Depending on what you want to analyze, you can use:

Drill into - show data for lower level members of the selected member.

Drill across - show related data across different dimension.

Drill through - show imported data from the register.

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Drill into

Drill into can be used for a member of any dimension, that has several levels. Click on a member and select Drill into. It will show the next level of a member. 


This is useful, if you want to see all the levels of a measure, and if you are using Total function, so that values are not included twice.

Drill into level

If you want to drill into another level of the member, you can use Drill into level  functionality.

For example - if the level of the selected member is year in the Time dimension, you can drill into quarter, month or day level.


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Please note - if you would like to have all members in level you are drilling into  - make sure that Hide Empty button is switched off.  If it is not - you will see only those rows or columns that have values .


Drill across

Drill across will select member and show data across selected dimension.


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Drill through cell

Drill through and Drill through cell show data that is imported from the register. This is useful in troubleshooting to see, if, for example, all of the invoices are imported - what the selected value consists of. These results can be exported in .csv or .xls format.



Drill through

For Drill through you can choose, which measure to show - in Invoices cube it is Invoices, Items or Persons.


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Drill through and Drill through cell can be used only on cells, but Drill into and Drill across can be used both on cells and on rows or columns.