Migrating your flex.bi server

To migrate your flex.bi instance to a different server or host there are three easy steps which you should be aware of: 

  • Migrating SQL databases.
  • Migrating flex.bi core and import files
  • Adjusting flex.bi configuration files and DNS

  1. Before starting the migration process please power off the flex.bi service (usually by executing " /etc/init.d/flexbi stop")
  2. First you need to do a full mysql data dump.
    1. mysqldump -u username -ppassword --all-databases > /home/flexbi/flexbi_mysqldump.sql
    2. Next using rsync (or other methods) you should transfer the mysqldump from the old server, e.g.:

      rsync -avz root@ /home/flexbi/flexbi_mysqldump.sql

      Launch this command on the new server. Change to your old servers ip address.

    3. Lastly import the transferred mysqldump file

      mysql -u username -ppassword < /home/flexbi/flexbi_mysqldump.sql

      It is advised to use a full mysql dump when exporting and importing data. The target mysql should be empty and must not contain any databases which share names with your original flex.bi mysql database. 

      More about mysqldump and actions associated - https://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.5/en/mysqldump.html

  3. Migrating flex.bi files and imports 
    1. To migrate all of your files to your new location you should be able to just copy them from one server to another using rsync.

      rsync -avz root@* /flexbi/
      1. Launch this command on the new server. Change to your old servers ip address.

  4. Editing configuration files
    1. Database file - /flexbi_private/config/database.toml

      adapter = "mysql"
      database = "flexbi"
      host = "localhost"
      password = "password"
      username = "username"

      If your database core username or password has changed please edit this file accordingly.

    2. Flexbi configuration file - /flexbi_private/config/eazybi.toml or /flexbi_private/config/flexbi.toml.

      Find these lines and change accordingly if your hostname or security measures have changed.

      host = "flex.bi"
      #port = 8090
      protocol = "https"
  5. Do not forget: 
    1. If you have a web server serving redirects to add flex.bi to it.
    2. To check if your smtp email server will accept emails sent from the new instance.