What is a wallboard?

Wallboard – a way to display useful information for your team members and customers in their work environment or common area – office, warehouse, production environment, customer service center etc., using TV screens. On TV screens you can can display results that come from your system, as well as some pictures or useful information.

Wallboards package for Standard ERP and flex.bi users

Requirements to setup:

  • Web shop license
  • HAL license
  • Smart TV with browser
  • Flex.bi Enterprise version

Solution Components :

  1. Wallboard control panel (HAL package)
  2. HTML template
  3. Adjustments to your taste

1. Wallboard control panel in Standard ERP (HAL package)

HAL code package creates a control panel for Wallboards in Standard ERP where you can select which links (reports) or other pictures you are planing to show on the screen and how often it will refresh.

It is located in module System / Settings / Wallboards. You can setup several different Wallboards with different layouts at the same to show to different teams - one for sales people, other one for management etc.

Links to reports and dashboards from flex.bi, can be obtained from report and dashbord embedding dialog.

  1. Reports:
    When you have opened report in Analyze tab then there is the ... button in the toolbar on the right. Press the button to see the dropdown list of options, choose the  </> Embed report. When you are in Dashboard tab then each report has </> icon in report header.
  2. Dashboards:
    If you have dashboard edit permission then click edit button in top right corner of Dashboards tab page and then click Embed dashboard button and you will see similar Embed dashboard in another HTML page dialog as for report.

Copy only link to embedded report or dashboard as selected below and paste it in you Stardard ERP control panel.

2. HTML template

HTML template comes with

  1. Place for your company logo
  2. iframe to insert report – you can insert single report, dashboard or any other web content with the link – picture, countdown to holidays, daily joke, etc. 
  3. iframe changing pages navigation  shows how many iframe content pages you have entered in control panel. 

3. Adjustments

You will need some adjustments – to adjust your logo, colour scheme and chosen TV screen. Template can be changed in the way you want it to look like – logo removed, all painted black or increased size of letters.