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Frequently Asked Questions

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What properties and measures are available for HansaWorld cubes? Laima Bušaite Sep 14, 2018
What is an Extra dimension (importing objects, classifications)? Laima Bušaite Apr 09, 2018
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flex.bi gadgets in Atlassian JIRA and Confluence Laima Bušaite Dec 07, 2017
How to use drill functionality in reports (Drill into, Drill through, Drill across)? Laima Bušaite Dec 07, 2017
How to Select Members (specific time, object, person) using Bookmarks? Laima Bušaite Nov 07, 2017
Why is my flex.bi Enterprise Server slow and/or unresponsive? Otto Šteinbaums Aug 23, 2017
What happens, when person sales group is changed? Laima Bušaite Aug 22, 2017
HansaWorld file header description Laima Bušaite Aug 22, 2017
REST API - "the request is too large to parse"? Gvido Neilands Aug 22, 2017
How to Start, Upgrade or Cancel your Subscription? Otto Šteinbaums Jun 21, 2017
What is a HansaWorld Data Cube in flex.bi? Laima Bušaite Jun 09, 2017
Why is my HansaWorld source file not recognised? Gvido Neilands May 09, 2017
How to choose KPIs for analysing Laima Bušaite Mar 28, 2017
How to fix not working reports because of a beginning of a new year? Gvido Neilands Feb 24, 2017
Why does the "Total" function give an incorrect result? Gvido Neilands Feb 14, 2017
How to filter Time dimension members - last 3years, time until today? Laima Bušaite Jan 16, 2017
What is Data cube, Dimension and Calculated Members? Laima Bušaite Jan 06, 2017
Where can I find my payment receipts? Laima Bušaite Dec 30, 2016
How to set up Fiscal years in Time dimension? Laima Bušaite Dec 21, 2016
Which chart type to choose? Laima Bušaite Dec 21, 2016
How to Filter data collums with Regular Expressions? Laima Bušaite Dec 21, 2016
Record and item level measures (Item base amount,Invoice amount etc.) Laima Bušaite Dec 21, 2016
How to setup Gauge charts? Laima Bušaite Dec 21, 2016
Deleting data in SQL database Laima Bušaite Sep 26, 2016
Can't acquire lock for Account Laima Bušaite Sep 26, 2016
Troubleshooting section Laima Bušaite Sep 26, 2016