What is an Extra dimension (importing objects, classifications)?

Extra dimensions are Objects, different classes and varieties that you use in your HansaWorld. Since they are very individual set up for every HansaWorld they are called "Extra dimensions" and adding them for analysing your data is optional.

It is recommended to add only the "extra dimensions" that you will actually use to analyse your data. 

How to import Extra dimensions?

Extra dimensions should be selected during application import.

  1. Before you can select extra dimensions you have to upload Source files for necessary extra dimensions:
    • Object types - OTVc
    • Classification types - CTypeVc
    • Customer classes - CCLassVc
    • Item classes - DIVc 
    • Location Classes - LocCLVc
    • Item Varieties - VarVc
  2. If you are using REST API connection, files are not necessary - you can continue with selecting Extra dimensions.

  3. To select Extra dimensions, you have to open the first tab, called Extra Dimensions in application setup.

Now you can select Extra dimensions you want to import, according to types and classes that are available, depending on your  flex.bi pricing plan.

In advanced options select, which data source you want to use for register import - Rest API or Source Files. You cannot choose Rest API, if source URL was not provided. Read more about setting up Rest API connection.

On this page:

Available Extra dimensions

Depending on flex.bi pricing plan, there can be extra dimensions available for Object types, Customer classes, Item classes, Location classes and Item varieties.

Extra dimensionsCubeFlex.bi Plan
Object types (OTVc)Financials, Goods Receipts, Invoices, Job Costing, Quotations, Sales Order, Stock Depreciations, Stock MovementsSTART, STANDARD, BUSINESS
Customer classes (CCLassVc)CRM, Goods Receipts, Invoices, Job Costing, Quotations, Sales OrderSTANDARD, BUSINESS
Item classes (DIVc)CRM, Goods Receipts, Invoices, Job Costing, Quotations, Sales Order, Stock, Stock Depreciations, Stock MovementsSTANDARD, BUSINESS
Location classes (LocCLVc)Goods Receipts, Invoices, Stock, Stock Depreciations, Stock MovementsBUSINESS
Item varieties (VarVc)Goods Receipts, Invoices, Quotations, Sales Order, Stock, Stock Depreciations, Stock MovementsBUSINESS

How to add Extra dimensions, if data has already been imported?

If you wish to add the Extra dimensions after data has been already imported, you have to empty the cube by clicking Empty next to cube name. This will delete all the imported data (Cube definition, reports and calculated members will not be deleted).

Then you can edit the application and select the necessary Extra dimensions.

Importing Object types, Customer classes and Item classes by selecting them in the appropriate boxes from the drop down menu will only work when cubes have not yet been created. To add these objects after data has been imported to the Cubes the cubes have to be emptied and the data has to be imported again with the new selection.

No Extra dimension to choose from?

If you cannot select Extra dimension (for example, No item classes to choose from):

  1. If you are using Source files, make sure you have uploaded the necessary file (see necessary register list for HansaWorld Source File Import). For the Rest API connection, all available Extra dimensions should appear automatically.
  2. It might be that these Extra dimensions are not created and used in your company's HansaWorld at all.

Wrong Extra dimensions are offered to be selected for the current company

If you are using Rest API connection and you have several companies in your HansaWorld, Extra dimensions are first imported for the first company.

To select and import Extra dimensions for other company, follow these steps:

  1. Select a company from the company dropdown menu.
  2. Click Save, to save application settings.
  3. Click Edit, to edit the application again.
  4. Select Extra dimensions for the company, you had selected before.