Account parameter are specific textual values that when added can change different default values of the account as well as the way data is imported into the account.

Account parameters can only be added by system administrator. 

Where to add plan parameters

Click on the account name and select Edit account.

Enter the parameters as text in the Plan parameters section. Note that this section is available only to system administrators. 

Parameters list

ParameterParameter value Business
yearly_price_multiplierNumberyearly_price_multiplier = 12How many months are paid if yearly payment is done-111111
max_source_applicationsNumbermax_source_applications = 5Maximum amount of unique sources (Maximum count of source applications, as in if max_source = 2 then you can have 1 HW and 1 SQL, or 2 REST API, or 1 SQL and 1 REST API etc.)


max_storageNumbermax_storage = 4096

Maximum amount of allowed space used (Cube size + File size) in megabytes

max_usersNumbermax_users = 50Maximum amount of users per account331020
max_source_selectionsNumbermax_source_selections = 10

Maximum amount of source selections for hansaworld (Maximum amount of enabled HW cubes) 

max_cubesNumbermax_cubes = 10Maximum amount of cubes (Sum of all cubes that exist)3136
export_resultstrue/falseexport_results = falseAre exports to excel, png, csv allowedtruefalsetruetrue
custom_fieldstrue/falsecustom_fields = trueCustom file import in JIRA.truefalsetruetrue
embed_reportstrue/falseembed_reports = trueIs embedding in other web pages allowedtruefalsefalsetrue
email_dashboardstrue/falseemail_dashboards = trueIs e-mail scheduling allowedtruefalsetruetrue
oauth_clientstrue/falseoauth_clients = true

Is oAuth with Gmail, Salesforce etc. supported?

import_thread_countNumberimport_thread_count = 4On how many threads (i.e. faster or slower) to import data1135
enable_sending_gauge_statsURLenable_sending_gauge_stats = ""Set the URL to where the data needs to be sent----
use_wa_cost_pricetrue/falseuse_wa_cost_price = trueUse the Weighted Average as the value of Total Cost pricefalsefalsefalsefalse
debug_importArray with registers as stringsdebug_import = ["IVVc","CUVc","INVc"]Prints out incoming record information in log files----
debug_levelNumberdebug_level = 10Addition to debug_import parameters. Sets how many fields from registers should be printed100100100100
enable_geocodingtrue/falseenable_geocoding = trueEnable geocoding to link customer addresses to longitude and latitude valuesfalsefalsefalsefalse
debug_geocoding"All" or "error"debug_geocoding = "error"Will debug geocoding for the account

import_historic_salesman_groupstrue/falseimport_historic_salesman_groups = false

If the historic import is enabled then the information in records (invoices, sales orders etc.) will be used for person sales group, name and e-mail  during import.

If historic import is disabled then person register (UserVc) will be used for the person sales group, name and e-mail during import.

bank_holiday_country_codeStringbank_holiday_country_code = "LV"Gives an option to select which country's holidays to use. By default the first one is selected.----
trial_untilDate stringtrial_until = "2018-05-31"Overrides the trial end date----
reverse_vat_enabledtrue/falsereverse_vat_enabled = trueEnables the Reverse VAT calculation.falsefalsefalsefalse
debug_incremental_importtrue/falsedebug_incremental_import = trueEnables incremental import debug mode.falsefalsefalsefalse
min_address_precisionNumbermin_address_precision = 8Minimum geocoding result precision.

min_address_similarityNumbermin_address_similarity = 0.8Minimum similarity between geocoding result and address data in


true/falseshow_source_file_errors = trueEnable source file error messages.falsefalsefalsefalse
max_consolidated_companiesNumbermax_consolidated_companies = 2Specifies what is the maximum count of companies that are available for consolidation----
forced_default_company_codeStringforced_default_company_code ="10"Specifies what company should be used by default when setting up HansaWorld application with REST API in case the user does not have access to the first company1111
max_unauthorized_request_countNumbermax_unauthorized_request_count = 5Specifies the maximum count of REST API authentication retries in case of Unauthorized response from the HW server.3333
enable_custom_hierarchiestrue/falseenable_custom_hierarchies = trueEnables the custom hierarchies functionality for consolidated account.falsefalsefalsefalse
(register code)_refresh_daysNumberIVVc_refresh_days = 30Overwrites the refresh period for the specified register.90909090
(register code)_skip_import_countNumberIVVc_skip_import_count = 2Sets the number for how many imports the specified register has to be skipped before importing again.0000
(register code)_start_import_fromDate stringIVVc_start_import_from = "2020-01-01"Overwrites the start import from parameter for the specified register.

demo_accounttrue/falsedemo_account = trueEvery import generates one transaction with a random number of transaction lines with today's date. Works only for Tilde and Horizon applications.falsefalsefalsefalse
demo_data_generation_period_startDate stringdemo_data_generation_period_start = "2020-01-01"When running import for the first time or after emptying cube, generates one transaction with a random number of transaction lines every day from the specified date. Works only for Tilde and Horizon applications.----
is_main_consolidated_accounttrue/falseis_main_consolidated_account = trueSets the account as the main account for consolidating data from multiple HansaWorld servers.falsefalsefalsefalse
consolidate_to_accountNumberconsolidate_to_account = 25Specifies what main account will be used for the account's multiple HansaWorld server consolidation.----
advanced_settingstrue/falseadvanced_settings = trueEnabled Advanced setting for custom fieldsfalsefalsefalsetrue