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Distributor Partner

Benefits and responsibilities

  • You can adjust visual look and functionality to your market needs.
  • You have full control over hardware, software, security, performance, monitoring and other aspects of service delivery.
  • Free 2 day training for your Team and free support
  • You receive higher margins
  • You are ready to learn, support your customers and offer them good service on consulting or even programming
  • You are in charge of your server and version updates and any other maintenance related to server


Distributor partners can offer 3 types of license to their customers: 

  • Cloud accounts, hosted and serviced by flex.biSee end user pricing. 
  • Your Enterprise Cloud server accounts (shared server for many customers). You can keep our pricing or create custom pricing plans.  
  • Enterprise server license, with your hosting for customers who need dedicated server, See end user pricing. 

If you have different pricing or licensing model in mind for your market, need advise or want to discuss partnership details, please contact distributor server monthly pricing * (EUR), Enterprise Cloud server Distributor base package

3 accounts for Customer sales 

1 account for your Templates 

1 account for Trial setup and Testing 


Free TRIAL  for setup period ( 1 month)

Our standard Plans*

Monthly licence price 300EUR / month

* Custom pricing plans can be created at your cost 

Distributor Partner FREE Training topics:

Day 1
3.1. Introduction to, amounting to 1 hour
3.2. Development of reports, amounting to 2 hours
3.3. Distributor Sever Maintanace , amounting to 3 hours

Day 2
3.4. Implementation process, amounting to 2 hours
3.5. MDX programming , amounting to 4 hours


Conditions applying to this offer:

  •  has to have a read only access to the SQL database of this Enterprise version in order to check licensing data and invoice you based on actual account quantity on server
  • It is not allowed to change the limits of cloud accounts for example by increasing the amount of users or storage. Instead customer should be upgraded to a higher level account or Enterprise version

    Distributor partner Contract Sample

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