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How to export/import report and dashboard definitions

1. Go to Template Library and choose reports or dashboards you would like to see on your data

2. To Export / Import Single Report Template 

  1. Open report – by clicking on report name in Dashboards or in Analyze tab list.
  2. Open Export Report Definition Window at the right corner of window (..) and Copy Content in Clipboard.
  3. Go to Analyze tab and choose Import definition button. Make sure to import the definition into the same data cube that it was exported from. 
  4. Paste content of Clipboard in this window and press ok. Report will be created automatically with all the measures.

3. To Export / Import Whole Dashboard Template

  1. Open Template Dashboard and select  Export definition option the right corner of the Dashboard.
  2. Select New Dashboard option and then select Import definition on the he right corner of Dashboard. Press ok.
  3. Dashboard will be created automatically with all the reports and measures. 
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