Returns number of working days (by default excluding Saturday and Sunday) from first date to second date.


 DateDiffWorkdays(from_date, to_date)
 DateDiffWorkdays(from_date, to_date, nonworkdays)


MDX expression that returns a date. Starting date that, if it is workday, will be included in calculation.
MDX expression that returns a date. Date until which to count workdays; this day itself will not be included in calculation even if it is workday.

Specify string with non-working day numbers (use 1 for Monday, 2 for Tuesday, 3 for Wednesday, 4 for Thursday, 5 for Friday, 6 for Saturday, 7 for Sunday).

If not specified then '67' is used which means Saturday and Sunday.


Following example returns the number of working days in the current month (days from Monday to Friday)


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