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HansaWorld data consolidation for all cubes

Requires version 6.1.1 or newer. 

Data consolidation in allows combining data from different companies into one account. Starting from version 5.2 consolidation will be available for all HansaWorld data cubes. 

Enabling consolidation creates another hierarchy level "Company". So you can still view data separately by companies but also see the combined results. 

In addition, consolidation creates another hierarchy for most of the dimensions that combines member from different companies that have the same code and name into one.

Setting up consolidation

Please contact before attempting to switch to consolidated analytics.

If you have reports on your account without consolidation then switching to consolidation will require to review all of your reports and dashboards.

To enable consolidation for your account please contact

After the consolidation will be enabled you will have an option to select "Companies for consolidation" when editing your source application. Here you have to enter the codes for the companies that you want to use for extra dimension object import. You don't have to select all of the companies for consolidation here. 

You can find the correct company code in HansaWorld System module → Companies register → Code column.

If you will be using files for any of your companies data then you will also have to check the "Source files" section for the company. Also, you will need to add a prefix of a company number and an underscore to all your source files so that knows in what company they should be imported in. For example, for IVVc register to be imported to the second company use file name 2_IVVc.txt and if you would like to have a specific activities file to be imported in the third company use file name 3_ActVc.txt.

Extra options section will automatically have a combination with extra dimensions from all the companies. If multiple companies will have the same extra dimension type code - that type will be listed only once. All the data from different companies that have extra dimension members from the extra dimension type with the same code will be imported in the one extra dimension.

For example, if you have Object type Persons in company 1 and 2, but with different Objects in it, there will be one dimension Persons will be created with all the members from both companies under it.

For more information on HansaWorld source application import, please refer to Hansaworld data source page.

Consolidation from multiple Hansaworld servers

To consolidate data from different HansaWorld servers, for each HansaWorld server there has to be a account with a HansaWorld application and enabled consolidation.

To make the imports from multiple accounts import data in one specific account, Plan parameter "is_main_consolidated_account = true"  has to be set for that account.

For the other accounts that are used as additional imports, the Plan parameter "consolidate_to_account = xx" has to be enabled where xx is the main consolidation account's number. The account's number can be found by navigating to any of the accounts sections, like "Source Data" or "Analyze", and looking for the number in URL. For example, when navigating to the Template Account's "Analyze" section it is possible to tell that 47 is the account number:


If you would like to use "Empty cube" operation it has to be done in all the associated accounts.


Currently if Extra dimensions or Custom fields will be set up differently for different account, missing member will not be associated with "(none)" member.

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