Extra dimensions are Objects, different classes and varieties that you use in your HansaWorld. Since they are very individual set up for every HansaWorld they are called "Extra dimensions" and adding them for analysing your data is optional.

It is recommended to add only the "extra dimensions" that you will actually use to analyse your data. 

How to import Extra dimensions?

To import extra dimensions:

  1. Go to Source data section and select to Edit your HansaWorld Source application
  2. Continue until the HansaWorld import options section
  3. Select Extra dimensions tab
  4. Select your extra dimensions from drop-down menu for each type
  5. Import data

Linking historical data

If your data has been already imported then historical data will not link to the new selected extra dimensions and you need to re-import all the data. Please see the "How to add Extra dimensions, if data has already been imported?" section below.

How to add Extra dimensions, if data has already been imported?

To add the Extra dimensions after data has been already imported, you have to go to Analyze section and empty your cubes by clicking Empty next to cube names. This will delete all the imported data (Cube definition, reports and calculated members will not be deleted) and insure that the next import ran will re-import all the data linking extra dimensions also to historical data.

Wrong Extra dimensions are offered to be selected for the current company

If you have several companies in your HansaWorld, Extra dimensions are first imported for the first company.

To select and import Extra dimensions for your company select the company from the company dropdown menu and the page will update with the extra dimensions from your company.