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How to analyze Sales Order and Purchase Orders by planned delivery date

By default analyzes Sales Orders and Purchase Orders by their creation date.

To enable reporting also for planned delivery date:

  1. Make sure that the Field Type is set to Date for in HansaWorld Sales Orders > Setting > Planned delivery setting:
  2. Go to Source Data → Edit the HansaWorld source applications → Continue until HansaWorld import options section
  3. In Cube properties section you will find checkboxes "Import measures with planned ship date for Sales Orders" and "Import measures with planned ship date for Purchase Orders".
  4. Once you have enabled this setting you will need to run a full re-import on the selected cubes. This will make sure that the historical data is also linked to planned delivery date.
  5. When everything is done you will find the new measures in new sections "Planned Sales Order item measures" and "Planned Sales Order measures" for Sales order, and "Planned Purchase Order item measures" and "Planned Purchase Order measures" for Purchase Orders.

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