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Wallboards dashboards could be shared as wallboards. Wallboard mode provides splitting dashboard reports in a carousel of slides and other options that make it useful for displaying them on large monitors for a public display, for instance, if a dashboard is displayed on a large screen in a hallway.

For that, you have to enable public access with token and then select option Wallboard [1]. The URL will be regenerated without the iframe parameters [2].

In addition to other options for embedded dashboards [1], you can select to show or not to show the dashboard header, select dark color theme, and display information about the last import time on the screen for each report.

The default transition time for each slide is 20 seconds, but you can change that. To split dashboard reports by slides in the wallboard, use Page break option when formatting the dashboard: the page break, i.e. the beginning of a new slide, is set before the report with the enabled "page" option. If there are no page breaks in the dashboard, the option "Time for each slide" is not visible. 

Wallboard mode has the same options as embedding dashboards in an iframe, except the possibility to export report results.

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