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HansaWorld Data Cubes

What defines a HansaWorld data cube  ?


Essential data that will be connected to create data cube and start analysing.

Base currencies block - Defines what currency your system is using and gives directions how to calculate measures in Currency, Base currency and Base currency 1.

Main data source of data that belongs to this Data cube. For example: HansaWorld Invoices main register is Invoices, for HansaWorld Financials - Transactions. See full list below. Main register values will be stored in Measure Dimension. Values are stored in currencies that is defined in your base currency setting and have Item and record level measures. You can read more about it here - HansaWorld record and item level measures

Support registers

While main data source registers add all the numbers to the data cubes they only contain codes for all the information. To add full names and descriptions for all the information support registers need to be added. Some examples of support registers are Customers (CUVc), Persons (UserVc) and Items (INVc).


Optional registers and measures that you can connect will add other extra Measure values connected to main data cube register, give names to members and create properties that you can use in data filtering and sorting. 

Optional registers contain extra values that can be added to Measures dimension based on some specific register in HansaWorld. For example, Invoice Balance (Invoices), Item Status (Stock).

Shared measures

If you are importing multiple cubes in one account then automatically shares some of the measures between different data cubes. You can use some support register that is common for different data cubes and using shared measures see the information combined in one report. For example, both Invoices (IVVc) and POS (IVCashVc) registers contain items so you can have a report that shows the total of Invoices and POS sales combined. 

Extra dimensions

Please see HansaWorld Extra dimension (importing objects, classifications, varieties) page for more information.

Cubes and main registers overview

Cube nameMain Register and code (Measures dimension)

Optional registers and codes (adds extra values to Measure dimension)

HansaWorld InvoicesInvoices - IVVc

Invoice balance - ARVc

Bank holidays - BHollVc

Transferred working days - EPWorkDayChVc

HansaWorld FinancialsTransactions - TrVc
HansaWorld Sales OrdersSales Orders - ORVc
HansaWorld Purchase OrdersPurchase Orders - POVc
HansaWorld Purchase InvoicesPurchase Invoices - VIVcPurchase Invoice balance - APVc
HansaWorld QuotationsQuotations - Qtvc

HansaWorld Stock

Item History - ItemHistVc

Item Status - ItemStatusVc

HansaWorld Goods ReceiptsGoods Receipts - PUVc
HansaWorld Stock DepreciationsStock Depreciation - SDVc
HansaWorld Stock MovementsStock Movements - StockMovVc
HansaWorld Job CostingProject budget - TBBUVc

HansaWorld CRM

Activities - ActVc
HansaWorld POSPOS Invoices - IVCashVc

HansaWorld Deliveries

Deliveries - SHVc

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